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My favorite:  "Longest intentional wicket shot -- 110 feet".

Paul Billings has had some long UNintentional wicket shots, but not even that long.

The 1997 Guinness Book of Records lists: Longest game of Croquet - 100 hours by Peter Olsen, Julio Aznarez, Hazel Kelly and Don Noack at Manly Croquet Club, Sydney, May 1979.

Steve Dimond wrote (in green), and I have updated (in black):

We are putting together a list of World Records combined with what we know of Canadian Records.  If anyone has any to share, I'd be most appreciative.
Records in Tournament Play
Double-peel victories 2 Leo McBride against Ben Houston and Mike Westfall in 1997 West Coast Classic
Triple-peel victories 3 Leo McBride against Chris Loat, Jim Nicklasson, and Brian Cumming in 1997 Aboyne Championship
Margin of victory 26-0 Robert Fulford over Ken McReynolds in 1993 Croq-Can
Fourth-turn victory 26-0QP David Maugham over C. Farthing in 1998 Southerns
Shortest match 18.5 minutes Robert Fulford over Ken McReynolds in 1993 Croq-Can
Height of jump shot 48 inches Steve Dimond in 1997 Seattle Open
Come-from-behind victory 26-24 after 2-24 Leo McBride over David Lewis in 1995 Quebec Open
Number of peels 8 Steve Dimond in 1996 West Coast Classic
Youngest prize winner 17 Jacques Fournier in 1999 World Croquet Championship
Oldest prize winner ?? John Young in 1996 Croq-Can
Intentional wicket shot 110 feet Ben Houson in 1998 West Coast Classic
Intentional roquet 107 feet Mike Westfall in 1997 West Coast Classic
Intentional through-wicket roquet 86 feet Bill Losier in 1996 Quebec Open
Intentional peel 35 feet Tim Hill in 1997 Aboyne Invitational
Longest peg-out of parter 38 feet Leo McBride in 1997 Aboyne Invitational
Shortest failed peg-out of partner 12 inches Leo McBride in 1997 Aboyne Invitational
Smallest number of turns to victory 4 Brian Cumming against Debbie Prentis in 1997 Aboyne Invitational
Quickest victory 27.9 minutes David Lewis against Bob Willie in 1997 Aboyne Championship