Maui Croquet Club
International Rules on the Island of Maui
Maui Croquet Club United States Croquet Association


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  Oxford University Croquet Club
  Session 1   Reinforcing and replacing poor pioneers
Setting pioneers more accurately
4 ball break pioneer positions
3 ball break pioneer positions
  Session 2   Bringing balls in from boundaries
The Old Standard Leave
Setting 2-b Pioneer Early
The Diagonal Spread
The New Standard Leave
  Session 3   Rushes
Croquet Strokes
The Rover Peel
The Straight Double
Hoop and Roquet
  Session 4   Standard Penult Peel, Non-Triple
Standard Penult Peel, Triple Peel
Three Ball Leaves at 4-B and 3-B
  Session 5   Broken Play
Following the Standard Opening
Defensive Rolling
Leaves from Broken Play
The Golden Rule
Shots if You Don't Have the Innings
  Session 6   Further Non-Lift Leaves
Non-Standard Peels
Delayed Double Peel
Delayed Triple Peel
Premature Rover Peel
  John Riches Series
  Collected Articles
Error Correction
Finer Points
Lessons in Tactics
Mental Approach
Next Break Strategy
Referee's Guide
  Wendy Davidson Series
  Five Principles
How to Improve Your Game
Pivot Balls
Standard Opening
Teaching the Swing
Thoughts on the Swing

A Checklist of Priorities
Beating Better Players by Peter Trimmer
Body Movement
Common Sense Croquet by Daley Craig
Croquet Endings by John Riches
Croquet Handbook by Arthur Ross
Delayed First Peel of Triple Peel
Do You have the Right Address?
Giving Bisques
Five Keys to Consistency by Peter Kostis
Fundamentals of the Stroke
Getting Boundary Balls into Play
Getting to the Other Side of the Hoop
Hints for High Bisquers
Hoop Running by John Riches
How Long is a Long Lift by Robert Fulford
How to Introduce Croquet by Owen Edwards
How to Teach Croquet by Leo Nikora
How to Continue a Delayed Triple Peel
How to Improve Your Game
How to Set Up a Croquet Shot
How Wristy is Your Swing?
Never! Well, Hardly Ever
North Boundary Tice
Overthinking Disrupts Golf Putt
Pegging Out or Not
Peeling and the Phenomenon of Pull
Peels without Hoops
Practice Routines
Precision Croquet by Keith Aiton, Peter Trimmer, and Rob Edlin-White
Shooting Hoops the Rhythm Method
Sighting and Shooting
Silver Gilt Principles by Croquet Association Coaching Committee
Some Points on Hoop Making
Some Thoughts to Consider
Stop Shots
Stop Shots with Heavy Mallets
Stroke Techniques
Tackle Croquet This Way by E.P.C. Cotter
The Basics of the Rush
The Ten Commandments of Practice
The Learner's Lament
Triple Peeling Opportunities
Two Common Problems in Roqueting
Using Bisques
What Makes a Good Croquet Player
What My Choke … Taught Me About the Perils of Pressure by Matthew Syed
When to Try Triple Peels
Why Do I Miss?
Why You Choke by Dr. Richard Coop