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Analysis of croquet techniques, tactics, and equipment.

  Oxford Croquet Technical Section
  Ball Properties and Lawn Speeds
Contact Times
Ranking Calculations
Literature References
Game Analysis
Abbreviations Used in Croquet Scoring
An Introduction to Wiring
Angle of Rush
Cannons for Beginners
Critical Gap of a Double Target by Leo Nikora
Croquet Angles by Ian Brown
Croquet Openings Explained by John Riches
Fast vs Slow Lawn by Leo Nikora and Samir Patel
First Corner Cannon
Hoop and Roquet?
How Chris Clarke Does a Sextuple Peel
International vs American Rules
Is Good Shooting Better than Good Break Play?
Mallet Head Length
Opening Tactics
Origin of the Word "Bisque"
Pegged Out Endings by Jonathan Kirby
Pegging Out Opponent's Ball
Probability of Winning Given a Handicap Difference
Publicity in England
Pull Discussion
Remote Pioneers
Relative Probabilities
Retro-Synthetic Break Design by Ian Plummer
Running Sextuple Peels
Rush-Line Theory
Sextuple Peel Leave on Nottingham Board
Shooting and Sextuples
Standard Opening Double Target by Paul Billings
Super Shot Opening by Robert Fulford
Techniques and Tactics
The Physics of Hitting a Ball
The Times Article
The Willis Setting
Three Ducks Leave on Nottingham Board
Toss Winner
Toward Universally Comparable Handicaps by Louis Nel
Using the Rush Line
Whole-Match Tactics