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19-21 January 2007
The Lodge at Koele, Lanai City, Hawaii, USA United States of America
by Leo Nikora

Paul Billings winning the Maui Croquet Club Championship .  

Paul Billings won the 2006 Maui Croquet Club Championship, winning all eight of his games. Leo Nikora and Bruno Amby each won five games, and Leo took second place based on net points. Larry Icalla and Tim Wheeler each won one game, and Larry took fourth place with more net points.

The tournament was played over three days on the championship croquet court at The Lodge at Koele. A double round-robin format had each club member playing two two-hour games against all the other members. Advanced International Rules were followed, and Sunshiny balls and The Croquet Store hoops were used. The tournament was sanctioned by the United States Croquet Association, and directed by Leo Nikora.

Billings dominated the competition, going undefeated, and completing the only triple peel in the tournament. This is the second time Billings is the club's champion, having also won it in 2001.

Nikora, last year's champion, lost both games against the new champion; not taking croquet for an hour and a half in one of the games. He completed a double peel against Wheeler.

Amby upset Nikora by running eleven hoops, pegging out opponent, and then playing two-against-one.

Icalla lost three very close games: –1 against Wheeler, –3 against Billings, and –4 against Amby.

Wheeler played his best championship tournament, missing fourth place by only 37 net points.

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Rank Player Wins Net Gross Peg Outs Peel Outs
1st Paul Billings 8 +123 190 5 3
2nd Leo Nikora 5 +65 154 4 2
3rd Bruno Amby 5 +23 136 1 0
4th Larry Icalla 1 –87 66 0 0
5th Tim Wheeler 1 –124 50 0 0

Player (handicap) Billings Nikora Amby Icalla Wheeler
Paul Billings (0) 1st 26-7, 26-9 23-16, 26-9 15-12, 26tp-0 26-6, 22-8
Leo Nikora (0)   2nd 18-7 26-6, 26-1 26-0, 26dp-0
Bruno Amby (3)   23poo-16 3rd 24-8, 13-9 26-7, 18-6
Larry Icalla (4)       4th 16-8
Tim Wheeler (7)       15-14 5th