Maui Croquet Club CROQUET NEWSMaui Croquet Club at Sonoma-Cutrer Croquet Club Won by Maui

21-22 July 2007
Sonoma-Cutrer Winery, Windsor, California, USA United States of America
by Leo Nikora

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Play at Sonoma-Cutrer Winery during the fourth annual Maui Croquet Club at Sonoma-Cutrer Croquet Club tournament.  

The Maui Croquet Club won the fourth annual tournament against the Sonoma-Curtrer Croquet Club by a score of 14 games to 7.

Paul Billings, Leo Nikora, Bruno Amby, and Tim Wheeler played for the Maui Croquet Club; and Erv Peterson, Mike Ogill, Reuben Edwards, Karen Collingwood, David Cartwright, and Bob Van Tassell played for the Sonoma-Curter Croquet Club. Orgill was tournament director.

Games were triple-banked on one court at Sonoma-Cutrer Winery. The other court was under repair. Advanced International Rules were followed, and Cartwright and Van Tassell played with bisques.

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Paul Billings
Leo Nikora
Bruno Amby
Tim Wheeler
Erv Peterson
Billings Nikora 26-8 Amby 19-12  
Mike Ogill
Billings 26-0 Nikora 23-7 Amby 26-2 Orgill 26-12
Orgill 15-14 Orgill 16-15
Reuben Edwards
Edwards 26-7 Nikora 26-7 Edwards +5  
Karen Collingwood
Collingwood 12-11 Nikora 26-13 Amby 26-1  
David Cartwright
Billings +1(t)* Cartwright 14-13* Amby 26tp-6*  
Bob Van Tassell
Billings 14-7* Nikora 16-6*   Wheeler 19-9
(upsets shown with bright background)

* Sonoma-Cutrer played with bisques in some games.