Maui Croquet Club CROQUET NEWS:  Meadowood Classic Won by Paul Billings

  Final Standings
  1st Paul Billings Maui Croquet Club
  2nd Ron Hendry
  3rd Leo Nikora Maui Croquet Club
Charlie Smith
  5th Jim Bast
Johnny Mitchell
Marty Foroughi
Bruno Amby Maui Croquet Club
  9th Erv Peterson
  10th Martyn Selman

24-28 July 2007
Meadowood Resort, St. Helena, California, USA United States of America
Sonoma-Cutrer Winery, Windsor, California, USA United States of America
by Leo Nikora

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Paul Billings receiving first-place prize from Jerry Stark at the 2007 Meadowood Classic.  

Paul Billings of Wailuku, HI, won the 2007 Meadowood Classic croquet tournament. "It's been a long time since anyone has won back-to-back championships here," said tournament director Jerry Stark, "but Paul won last year, and he did it again this year." Billings won the final match with an outstanding triple peel.

Ron Hendry of Brusly, LA, finished second. Leo Nikora of Kihei, HI, and Charlie Smith of Sana Rosa, CA, tied for third. Nikora ran the only other triple peel of the tournament.

Twenty croquet players from around the United States competed for five days on championship croquet courts at the Meadowood Resort in St. Helena, CA, and the Sonoma-Cutrer Winery in Windsor, CA. The players were divided into Championship Flight and Killer Bee Flight. Each flight played a round-robin block, from which the top eight players advanced to a single-elimination knockout to determine the winner of the flight.

The tournament was sanctioned by the United States Croquet Association, and followed Advanced Association (International) Rules.

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Knockout Play

Leo Nikora (1st) Nikora +13(t) Hendry +14 Billings +20tp
Bruno Amby (8th)
Johnny Mitchell (5th) Hendry +22
Ron Hendry (4th)
Paul Billings (3rd) Billings +24 Billings +13(t)
Marty Foroughi (6th)
Charlie Smith (7th) Smith +7(t)
Jim Bast (2nd)

Block Play

  Billings Bast Peterson Nikora Mitchell Selman Hendry Smith Amby Foroughi
Paul Billings
[#22, 2040]
6 +89
  +5(t)   +4(t) +24 +14 +26 +18(t)  
Jim Bast
[#26, 2010]
+2(t) 2nd
6 +61
      +13(t) +22(t) +11(t) +12(t) +23(t)
Erv Peterson
[#30, 1936]
  +2(t) 9th
3 –50
      +5     +4(t)
Leo Nikora
[#32, 1915]
+1(t) +16 +26tp 1st
7 wins
  +25   +19(t) +3(t) +13
Johnny Mitchell
[#33, 1878]
  +2(t) +23 +1(t) 5th
4 +9
Martyn Selman
[#34, 1875]
    +1(t)   +17 10th
3 –75
Ron Hendry
[#42, 1760]
      +17 +2(t) +24 4th
5 wins
+2(t) +19  
Charlie Smith
[#43, 1739]
    +1(t)   +2(t)     7th
4 –46
+7(t) +3(t)
Bruno Amby
    +5(t)   +9 +1(t)     8th
3 –50
Marty Foroughi
[#54, 1630]
+1(t)         +7(t) +1(t)   +6(t) 6th
4 –45