Maui Croquet Club CROQUET NEWS:  Pacific Cup Won by Chris Percival-Smith

  Place Player
  1st Chris Percival-Smith
Vancouver, BC, CA
  2nd Leo Nikora
Rancho Mirage, CA, USA
  3rd Steve Scalpone
Portland, OR, USA
Patrick Sweeney
Portland, OR, USA
  5th Cameron Guernsey
Seattle, WA, USA
Pierre Dunn
Brian Wasylyk
Peter Bach
McCall, ID, USA

24-27 June 2010
Puget Sound Croquet Club, Kirkland, Washington, USA United States of America
Story by Leo Nikora
Photo by Dan Lipkie

Chris Percival-Smith of Canada receiving the 2010 Pacific Cup at the Puget Sound Croque Club in Kirkland, WA, USA.

The 2010 Pacific Cup was won by Chris Percival-Smith of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He beat Leo Nikora of Rancho Mirage, California, USA, in the finals. Steve Scalpone and Patrick Sweeney, both of Portland, Oregon, USA, tied for third.

Eight players from America and Canada competed for the Pacific Cup in a United States Croquet Association sanctioned tournament held on three championship courts at the Puget Sound Croquet Club in Kirkland, Washington, USA. Advanced Association (International) Rules were followed, and brand new Sunshiny CQ-16 balls were used. Patrick Sweeney was the tournament director.

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All players advanced from Block Play to Knockout Play, and were seeded according to their ranking in Block Play. Each match in Knockout Play was one three-hour game, except the final, which was best of three games in seven hours.

Knockout Semi-Final Final Champion
1st Leo Nikora Nikora
8th Peter Bach
5th Cameron Guernsey Scalpone
4th Steve Scalpone
3rd Patrick Sweeney Sweeney
6th Pierre Dunn
7th Brian Wasylyk Percival-Smith
2nd Chris Percival-Smith

Block Play was a full round-robin; each player played one three-hour game against every other player. Ranking was determined by number of wins, then net points, and then gross points.

Block Percival-Smith Nikora Scalpone Dunn Bach Guernsey Wasylyk Sweeney
[=27, 1973] Chris Percival-Smith 2nd     26-2 26-0 26-3 26-13 26-13
[#28, 1958] Leo Nikora 26poo-22 1st 26-9 26-7 26tp-0 26-5 26-1  
[#38, 1838] Steve Scalpone 26-21   4th   21-15 22-21 26-2  
[=39, 1805] Pierre Dunn     26-10 6th 16-13      
[#60, 1601] Peter Bach         8th     25-19
[=62, 1594] Cameron Guernsey       23-17 25-16 5th 26-8 25-20
[=65, 1576] Brian Wasylyk       26-21 26-25   7th  
[=78, 1468] Patrick Sweeney   26-7 26-7 26-20     26-16 3rd
Scores below the diagonal are upsets.