Maui Croquet Club
International Rules on the Island of Maui
Maui Croquet Club United States Croquet Association

Maui Croquet Club CROQUET RANKINGS: Maui

Maui Croquet Club Ladder, including games through 22 July 2011.

Association Croquet

1st Bob Deaver [3]
2nd Mickey Norvell [5]
3rd Kerry Ramm [2]
4th Paul Ramm [3]
5th Denise Reibman [9]
6th Debbie Jefkin-Elnekave [14]
7th Steve Reibman [12]
8th Leo Nikora [0]
9th Alfredo Wheelock [14]
10th Bruno Amby [1]
11th John Lyle [12]
12th Dick Karr [10]
13th Larry Icalla [5]
14th Wayne Owens [?]

Golf Croquet

1st Kerry Ramm
2nd Mickey Norvell
3rd Leo Nikora
4th Paul Ramm
5th Bob Deaver
6th Steve Reibman
7th Denise Reibman
8th Bruno Amby
9th Alfredo Wheelock
10th Debbie Jefkin-Elnekave
11th Robi Elnekave
12th Dick Karr
13th Ric Andrews
14th Larry Icalla
15th Yuko Wheelock
16th Wayne Owens
17th John Lyle


  1. Any player may play any other player on the ladder.
  2. Play can be on any agreed upon court.
  3. International Rules are followed.
  4. Each game is singles to 26, unless a time limit is agreed upon.
  5. Natural Handicapping Rules are followed.
  6. The results of each game is reported to Leo Nikora.
  7. The winner is moved up one rung; when playing doubles, both players of the winning team move up one rung.


Handicap <0 0-2 2-6 6-10
Class AA A B C
Hit Ins        
1/4 Court always always mostly often
1/2 Court mostly mostly often some
Hoop Runs      
4-Ball Break 12 12 10 6
3-Ball Break 12 10 6 2
Breaks to Win 2 3 4 6
Retrieves Balls        
Boundary always always mostly often
Corner always mostly often some
Sets Leaves always always often seldom
Triple Peels        
Try always mostly some never
Make mostly often seldom never

Natural Handicapping Rules

  1. Each player receives bisques equal to 1.5 times their handicap, rounded up to the nearest integer.
  2. Players using a bisque as the second stroke of any turn must flip a coin; heads allows them to take a stroke, but tails ends their turn (the bisque still being used).
  3. Players may not use a bisque in thier last turn.
  4. Advanced Rules are used; lifts are given and taken